Optimum Nutrition OPTI-WOMEN (Multi-Vitamin), 120 Caps_1Optimum Nutrition OPTI-WOMEN (Multi-Vitamin), 120 Caps_2Optimum Nutrition OPTI-WOMEN (Multi-Vitamin), 120 Caps_3Optimum Nutrition OPTI-WOMEN (Multi-Vitamin), 120 Caps_4Optimum Nutrition OPTI-WOMEN (Multi-Vitamin), 120 Caps_5Optimum Nutrition OPTI-WOMEN (Multi-Vitamin), 120 Caps_6


Optimum Nutrition's Opti-Women™ combines 23 Vitamins and Essential Minerals with 17 specialty ingredients to create a comprehensive multivitamin for the active woman. Each serving of wide-reaching nutrient support is delivered in Vegetarian Society approved Vcaps.

  • 23 Vitamins & Essential Minerals
  • 600 micrograms folic acid
  • 18 milligrams iron
  • Soy Isoflavones, Ostivone, & Uva Ursi
  • Made With Vegetarian Society Approved Vcaps

Athletes Who Use Opti-Women Multivitamin :

Anna Starodubtseva

“Opti-woman is a great source of vitamins and minerals, that your body needs when you are very active and exercising frequently. Very convenient serving size, just 2 capsules after my breakfast and I'm all set!”

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Chelsea Beaudin

“After always having had issues with vitamins making me nauseas, Opti-women has been a life saver! Whether I take it with food or on an empty stomach it never makes me queasy and I notice so many benefits from it.”

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Optimum Nutrition Quality

At ON we are proud to know that we are one of the few sports nutrition companies who own and operate their own production facilities. While it's true that ON is one of the world's largest producers of sports nutrition products, we remain focused on being recognized as the best. In fact, our requirements for raw materials are so strenuous that it's not unusual for ON Quality Assurance Technicians to reject entire truckloads of raw materials that do not meet our high standards. We like to think that we take as much pride & care in crafting our award-winning supplements as our consumers do with crafting their physiques and fitness accomplishments.


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Optimum Nutrition OPTI-WOMEN (Multi-Vitamin), 120 Caps

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